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It's important to use all natural makeup remover & soaps to avoid the skin being stripped of oil. Check out this tutorial to learn how & why to use it.

Learn why dry brushing is important for your health and how to do it.

You'll never believe how I lost 4-pounds in ONE day. No crash dieting, starving myself, playing with water weight or other craziness. Just good old fashioned shut eye.
Learns ways to upgrade your health with quick hacks like this healthy egg sandwich. Learn why a specific frying pan can add to your health and iron uptake.
Learn why pet therapy is used in hospitals, rehab centers & nursing homes. Other than being your best friends, these animals can have a healing effect on your mind, body & spirit.
Utilize muscle confusion to tone your arms.
Learn how to use an infrared sauna for detox, what temperature to set it at, and what electrolytes to use to rehydrate yourself.
Learn how to make a preservative & additive free, fantastically tasty & super healthy dressing in under 1-minute.
Learn how health coaches spend time "lunching" together & why you should try this out for your next lunch date.
Learn about the hair and scalp benefits of using organic oils, how long to leave them on and warning tips to avoid a big mess.
Yoga is a common practice for the body, but there's a whole host of benefits for your eyes as well. Let this video guide you through yoga exercises for your eyes to improve the health & wellness of one of your most important body parts: the eyes!
Are you looking for supplements to help you stay healthy and well while traveling? Be sure to check out this video to stay on track when away from home.

If you're leaving soon for a long vacation or flight, you won't want to miss these easy health and wellness tips to keep you healthy on vacation!

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Want to enjoy the party, but don't want all the calories and toxins in your favorite alcohol drinks? Listen here for fun, healthy alternatives that won't make you feel left out of the party.
Cassie describes ways to detox your body after a holiday weekend full of parties, fun, food and possibly alcohol.

Cassie Sobelton teaches you how to use your body as a compass towards wellness.

Learn how to make easy kale chips in your oven in 6-minutes. Great for snacking, traveling & healthy for you!