01 | Dr. Joel Kahn, M.D.

Welcome to my first podcast! I am thrilled that one of my dearest friends, Dr. Joel Kahn, is my very first guest. As America's Holistic Heart Doctor, Dr. Kahn is expertly trained in cardiac medicine and takes a holistic, integrative approach to the heart while improving the overall mind and body health. The author of three successful books, The No B.S. DietThe Whole Heart Solution and Dead Execs Don't Get Bonuses, Dr. Kahn is a renowned expert for all things heart health, particularly living a holistic lifestyle for heart disease prevention. 

He recently opened up a vegan restaurant, GreenSpace Cafe, in Ferndale, Michigan. It is one of my favorite locations to grab a healthy bite with friends. If you live in the area, it's a must-try. Even if you're not a vegan, the food is incredible! 

Watch the Podcast Below!

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