Check out some of my latest TV segments on all things health and wellness! 

Join Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert, as she discussed ways employees can stay mentally and physically healthy at work.

Join Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert, as she discusses Alcohol Awareness and some healthy beverage alternatives.

Health and wellness expert Cassie Sobelton talks about items and supplements that can help you get a good night's rest. To get a discount on the weighted blanket use the code "Cassie25OFF" at

Join Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert, as she discusses healthy new years resolutions that are easy, achievable and maintainable.

Listen to Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert, as she talks about ways to reduce holiday stress.

Join Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert as she gives us tips to avoid the sugar rush after halloween.

Join Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert, as she discusses ways to naturally care for your oral health.

Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert, and CEO of SynBella explains what you need to know during National Employee Wellness Month.

Cassie Sobelton, Health and Wellness Expert talks about Alcohol Awareness Month.

Holidays can add extra pounds and calories. Post-holiday detox tips from health and wellness expert Cassie Sobelton are here to help you get back in balance.

Cassie Sobelton, Health & Welless Expert offers Tips for Jumpstarting your Spring Fitness Routine!

November is National Healthy Skin Month.  Cassie Sobelton, Health & Wellness Expert is here to provide some guidance about how to best take care of your skin.

Tips and routine suggestions from health and wellness expert Cassie Sobelton in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help you prevent breast issues naturally in your life,

Cassie Sobelton, Health & Wellness Expert, gives tips to help us regulate sleep and get ready for the new school year.

Health and wellness expert, Cassie Sobelton talks about National Fruits & Veggies - More Matters month.

Sunscreen safety tips and natural options from Health and Wellness Expert Cassie Sobelton. 

Cassie Sobelton, Author of Back to Balance and Wellness Expert shares her tips to manage Crohn's Disease, which have allowed her to stay symptom free for over 15 years.

"Eat this, not that" - one of my favorite ways to upgrade your health! 

My interview with Anu Prakash to talk about my new podcast that's dedicated to different ways to keep you healthy.

Learn about the benefits of adding Bone Broth to your diet.

Skip the chocolate and flowers and make Valentine's day about spending time together in healthy ways! 

Cassie offers tips to help you make small changes that can have a big impact. 

Do the holidays stress you out? Check out Cassie's tips for staying zen this season.

Stay healthy and well this holiday season.

You don't have to make Halloween all about sugar. Check out some ways to avoid the sugar rush while still getting in the spirit.

#1 - THE MIND. The first element of the Mind, Body, Spirit tripod, we don't realize the power our minds have on how we feel.

#2 - THE BODY. Learn about the importance of maintaining balance in the body to your overall wellness. #BacktoBalance

#3 - THE SPIRIT. The final leg of the MBS tripod. How do you find spirit and peace in your life? 

Cassie Sobelton previews her debut book, Back to Balance! 

How healthy is your smoothie? Learn what key ingredients you should be including!

Is too much tech time harmful for your health? 

Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee or tea? There's a better option.

Why sitting may be the new smoking! Learn just how harmful for your health it can be.

Cassie talks about ways to make your summer barbecue a healthy one.

June is National Employee Wellness month! Learn how you can create a healthy workplace for your employees. 

Most Americans are dealing with a digestive disorder or discomfort of some sort. Find out how you help to alleviate symptoms.

Cassie's 30-Day Yoga Challenge! Learn how you can get involved and win some amazing prizes.

Valentine's Day isn't just about showing love toward others! Cassie shares some ways to care for yourself today and every day!

It's Healthy Weight Week! Learn about easy health upgrades to make to your life. 

Make 2015 the year of health and wellness with these easy tips from Cassie! 

Halloween sugar high? Find out how you can detox the right way to get your body back on track.

Cassie featured on Ask Dr. Nandi as part of his "Detroit Rising Series", where he speaks to real LEADERS from all over the city of Detroit.