Cassie loves connecting with motivated, inspired women across the US. From female entrepreneurs to wellness groups,  volunteer and fundraising committees, Cassie's sessions speak to the struggles working women often have with finding and maintaining balance in the lives. She offers two sessions specifically designed for women: Getting Back to Balance and The Wellness Workshop

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A women-focused version of her inspired talk, Getting Back to Balance, where she shares her personal journey to health and wellness. As a career-driven professional, Cassie was working over 60 hours a week, neglecting her body and overall wellbeing. A serious medical condition was the wake-up call she needed to start making health a priority.

After a decade of research, education, trial-and-error, Cassie shares valuable information, resources, health upgrades and philosophies that allow women to take control of their lives and find balance in Mind, Body and Spirit. 

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Want to learn the nuts and bolts of getting back to balance? 

Let Cassie provide you with tangible products, tips and routines you can start implementing in your life today! Cassie constantly gets asked for recommendations about her favorite products and brands - from vitamins and supplements, skin and beauty products, juicing brands, protein powders, yoga and fitness equipment and more.

In the Wellness Workshop, Cassie shares information and tips about her wellness routine, her favorite products and nutrition tools for maintaining a chemical-free diet.

Here's what you'll learn: 

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  • Nutrition 101: Is it Fuel or Poison?
  • What to look for on labels for skincare + beauty products
  • The 5 vitamins and supplements you should take everyday
  • Wake up to Wellness: how to get your day started right
  • Lists + samples of Cassie's favorite products!