Have you ever had the suspicion that your physical challenges are trying to teach you something? What if chronic conditions or recurring injuries are actually your body and mind’s way of communicating with you, but you just don’t have the tools to decipher the message?

In this Featured Talk, Cassie shares her personal story of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, and how she learned to overcome them by becoming in tune with her Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve health, wellness and happiness.

Cassie will share what took her over a decade to learn! From learning how to listen to your body, achieve spiritual balance and utilize Mind, Body, Spirit cues to Crack Your Health Code, Cassie’s genuine, down-to-earth approach leaves you feeling energized and motivated to make real changes.

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn:

  • pinpoint the causes of imbalance in your life
  • implement easy “health upgrades” that are realistic and effective
  • Cassie’s tried and true wellness products, including supplements, essential oils and more!
  • how to open and unlock your spirit to achieve balance

To request a booking date for the Back to Balance Featured Talk, please email contact@cassiesobelton.com