05 | Preya Shah

Preya Shah is a craniosacral therapist, physical therapist and author of Evolution of a Party Girl, scheduled to release this year! 

Preya is a big believer in holistic healing, well-versed in craniosacral treatments and body rhythms. Craniosacral practice utilizes therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium, spine and pelvis. This manipulation regulates flow of cerebrospinal fluid and aids in primary respiration.

When Preya was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she chose to turn her health struggles into an extraordinary learning experience. Today, she is a survivor full of inspiration stories and advice for others! 

In this episode, we discuss ways to take a break from fast-paced, fast food culture and transition to a healthier lifestyle. Preya also explains how diseases can re-manifest if you don't tend to your core and emotions. You won't want to miss this episode! 


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