27 | Jim Lichtenstein, Innovation Nation Producer

This week's guest is Jim Lichtenstein, producer of the award winning show Innovation Nation.  Jim's show is education and entertaining, highlighting inventors across the nation.  What attracted me to Jim and his show was the awesome innovations they highlight in the health & wellness industry.

Let's face it: society hasn't stacked the cards in our favor as it relates to being healthy.  We have to make a conscious effort to move, eat right and have mental balance.  I am always fascinated and excited to see inventions that assist us in staying healthy.  

If you are a fan of health wearables (fitbit and similar trackers), this podcast will interest you.  We discussed various innovations such as:

  • Medical MacGyver who makes medical devices made out of toys (to serve poor areas that couldn't otherwise afford such devices)
  • 3D printed food (originated by NASA for food preparation in space) and how food is made from a printer
  • Lark which is an app to monitor sleep
  • Athos, a monitor that goes into clothing and monitors your muscles when you are working out to help give you a balanced workout
  • Lumolift, a posture monitoring devices that attaches to your clothes & vibrates when you are not sitting up straight
  • Massage chairs (yay!) and how far they have come over the years
  • Solar Roads, solar panels that fit together to create the world's largest renewable energy right on our roadways (think: health of the earth)

Click the links below to listen to this podcast, as well as connect with Jim and Innovation Nation.  The show is super fun & has so many eye-opening innovations that will interest & intrigue you!

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