24 | Nutrition for Children

Julie Feldman, MPH, RD is a nationally recognized nutrition expert who has helped hundreds of Michiganders live a healthier life.  With her realistic approach to weight loss and well-being, Julie passionately motivates her audiences to positively change their lives.

Julie has been featured numerous times on FOX 2 News and ABC News in Detroit, comments nationally on behalf of the Coca Cola Corporation, serves as a consultant to Hershey Corporation, and was the media representative for the Michigan Dietetic Association for several years. Julie also serves as a national speaker for the Mead Johnson Corporation, where she educates physicians, nurses and fellow dietitians on the benefits of advanced infant formula.   

On this week's episode, Julie & I talk about what the nutrition needs are for a child, from inception.  The time in the womb might be the most important, but only second to that of breastfeeding times for a developing child and Julie explains why.

A child's brain grows an astronomical 200% from the time they are in the womb and until they are 2 years old.  Julie tells us what is recommended to make sure that child develops optimally.

Julie also explains how pregnant ladies, newborn Moms (and thus newborns) & children all need a diet high in fiber, protein & healthy fats.  Her tips to help children develop are vast, you won't want to miss this week's episode.

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