22 | Eating Healthy on the Go

Amanda Heisman is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Writer, Speaker, and Founder of Heisman Health.  She hails from the great state of Ohio and now resides in south Florida. Amanda discovered her passion for nutrition and wellness accidentally on purpose while recovering from a car accident that had rendered her physically & mentally stuck. She strives to inspire entrepreneurs to just begin and take control of improving their health through baby steps in nutrition, nature, self-care, and creative expression. Amanda helps busy women Eat for Success, get back in touch with their bodies, and remember to love themselves FIRST in her signature 30 day program, Food Foundation.   

In this week's episode, two self confessed "health food fanatics" (Amanda & myself) discuss Eating Healthy on the Go!  We are both huge advocates of taking small steps to make a big improvement in your health.  

Some small changes we discuss to make eating healthier on the go easier start with preparation, preparation, preparation!  So many of us are accomplished in so many fascinating areas of our life: being great parents, partners, friends, bosses, colleagues, career wo/men, but we fall short in something so important to our health: eating healthy because we are too busy being great at everything else.  A little bit of preparation goes a long way & Amanda gives us some great ideas for how to prepare for healthy eating in an easy way.  

Set yourself up to succeed at meal planning and nourishing your body properly.  It's easier than you think.  You will come away from this podcast with many easy ideas to implement immediately & feel empowered to make some healthy eating habits more habitual in your life.

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