I am solo in this week's podcast, talking about one of my favorite topics: manifesting!  If you've studied Abraham Hicks or watched the film The Secret, you've already heard a lot about the subject, but learning how to use the moon to help your manifestations is an additional area of study.

We've all heard the saying "it must be a full moon" referring to people's actions being a bit off when there is a full moon.  The moon's phases significantly affect the tides of the ocean and humans are made up of mostly water, so it makes sense that we, too would be affected by the moon's energy & phases.

When I used to work at a jail (yes, so crazy, I was a corrections officer for a few years), we used to staff extra on full moons.  Same thing when I worked at a hospital - I'd hear of how they staffed extra in the ER department, as crimes & injuries increased on the full moon.

So, if the moon's phases affect so much, it makes sense that we could learn to use this to our advantage.  This is a practice I have had in place for 2 decades now & I strongly see the correlations of the moons to events in my life.  The new moon is when it is best to launch new initiatives.  The energy of the new moon gives new initiatives the power needed to succeed.  On the contrary, the full moon drives powerful endings & is the best time to release things out of our life that no longer serve us.

I created this easy to follow Moon Manifestation Guide, which you can download here as a way to help you get started on a practice.  This guide tells you all the new & full moons in the year and what to do on each moon to achieve your dreams and goals.  This practice has served me greatly over the years.  #1) It has kept me on a routine of examining my life & the things I want to draw into my life & remove from my life on a monthly basis.  That in and of itself, is a practice all of us should master.  Life doesn't have to be experienced as something that happens to us.  We need to take stock and direct our own course if we want to make progress & taking a few minutes every month to focus on this will improve your life greatly.  #2) If you are looking to make changes in your life, they might as well be at the most auspicious times, when you have planetary & moon support.  

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