19 | Najette Hammond

Najette Hammond is a certified holistic nutritionist who has struggled with various health issues throughout her life, including weight, depression, anxiety and guilt. Refusing to let these struggles overpower her, Najette took control of her health through holistic nutrition, and now teaches others how to do the same!

Najette and I are talking today about a subject that both of us are passionate about: Digestive Health!  

My health journey started when I realized I had severe Crohn's Disease nearly 20 years ago, after undergoing a major surgery to remove much of my small & large intestines.  I was sent home with a box of prescription medications & a grim outlook on my future, which prompted me to question: "Are there diet and lifestyle changes I can make to improve this disease?"

Since the physicians caring for me didn't have an answer, I set out on a quest of my own to find out.  Turns out that there were not only diet and lifestyle changes that could improve it, but reverse the disease.  Short of a year, I had completely reversed the disease & have never had a symptom since - all from diet & lifestyle changes.

Najette also healed herself of ailments through diet and lifestyle.  The two of us have some powerful stories and anecdotes to share about how we reclaimed our health and how you can to! 

Najette also provides one-on-one nutrition coaching and a guided detox program for individuals!  Check out the podcast at the links below and connect with Najette on social media as well!

To your (digestive) health!

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