Julie Feldman, MPH, RD is a nationally recognized nutrition expert who has helped hundreds of Michiganders live a healthier life.  With her realistic approach to weight loss and well-being, Julie passionately motivates her audiences to positively change their lives.

Julie has been featured numerous times on FOX 2 News and ABC News in Detroit, comments nationally on behalf of the Coca Cola Corporation, serves as a consultant to Hershey Corporation, and was the media representative for the Michigan Dietetic Association for several years. Julie also serves as a national speaker for the Mead Johnson Corporation, where she educates physicians, nurses and fellow dietitians on the benefits of advanced infant formula.   

On this week's episode, Julie & I talk about:

-          Why the “Dr. Oz mentality” or the “amazon prime society” we’ve grown accustomed to doesn’t work with weight loss.

-          People need to be patient – fast just doesn’t work for sustained weight loss.

-          This is why weight loss gimmicks won’t work – how society is setting you up for failure & what you can look out for to avoid this.

-          Julie’s tip of switching your thinking of diet as deprivation/restriction to instead focusing on getting enough of what you need to be healthym which leaves little room for our bad habits.

-          There are two types of people who come to see Julie

o   Those who were probably thin most of life until adulthood & gained weight (maybe due to a sedentary job, pregnancy, etc.).

o   Those who have spent their entire life as overweight, never remember being thin  & why this is a more complex journey than the former.

-          How and why we deal with fear, pain & anxiety with food.

-          How food (and other things) can be an addiction we use to manage stress or others issues in life.

-          Why Julie’s clients don’t count calories, weigh or measure their food for weight loss success.

-          How mindfulness can help your weight loss (& how a blessing or prayer before eating is actually a form of this).

-          Why we are programmed to overeat & how to overcome it in a society where that is no longer necessary.

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