15 | Lucy Sternburgh

Lucy Sternburgh is a Ph.D. in Wellness & Health Promotion.  She is a Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trained at the UMass Medical Center’s Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society.  Lucy is the Manager of Employee & Community Health Promotion at Beaumont Health & Special Lecturer at Oakland University in Wellness and Health Promotion, in addition to a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Coach, Teacher, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Mother of 2 Rescue Dogs.

Lucy teaches mindfulness to Beaumont employees & families, Oakland University students & the general public. 

In our podcast, we discuss:

-          Lucy’s definition of mindfulness as “the awareness that arises when we are paying attention on purpose in the present moment.”

-          As humans we constantly appraise everything that comes up / judging – mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness.  Let things arise & disconnect with it being “good” or “bad” and just be with it.

-          How to detach from life in a healthy way.

-          Mindfulness can be replaced with the word “heartfulness” or “kindfulness”

-          Learn what mindful eating is & how it will help you get full quicker, taste your food more thoroughly & ultimately, lose weight.

-          Why “single-tasking” is the new “multi-tasking” & will help you live a more full life.

-          The 4 foundational practices to gain mindfulness:

o   Sitting meditation to gain mental and emotional stability

o   Mindful movement (yoga, chi-gong, slow movement connected to the mind)

o   Walking meditation (no goal, being with each step)

o   Body scan meditation (systematically sense different parts of the body to notice & move attention to different parts of the body & reduce chronic pain)

-          Why beginners might want to try guided meditation & our favorite free app (Insight Timer) for guided meditations

-          Mindfulness is deeply rooted in many ancient wisdom traditions

-          Mindfulness is breaking the train of everyday thinking

-          Why a tool is beneficial and necessary to learn mindfulness

-          The courses available for mindfulness based stress reduction are rooted in the neuroscience

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