13 | Relaxation Therapy

Tim Steckel used to struggle with chronic anxiety back in his early 20's.  Not wanting to be put on medication he began to travel to find himself and to find a cure for his ails.  He stumbled upon the sacred arts of Reiki, massage and meditation and was able to erase the dreaded anxiety that had plagued his life for so long.  It had such a profound impact on him, that he made it his life’s work to help others and teach them how to conquer their own obstacles. He created BodyShop Relaxation, now renamed to Metro Relaxation to take you on a journey of the heart, body and mind.

Tim is a seasoned body worker, Reiki Healer, Adventurer and relaxation expert. He has traveled the globe and is now here to teach you techniques of relaxation that can be used to reduce anxiety and stress. Great for people who suffer from anxiety related issues and illnesses. Tim’s battle cry: “Take control of your life today. You can do it!”

Even though this was the first time I met Tim, obvious synergies around traveling, philosophy &lifestyle lead us to become fast friends!  We went deep talking about anxiety and how relaxation can help us overcome it, stress and techniques to combat it.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about:

-          Best places to travel & why you should to reduce anxiety/stress

-          How massage reduces stress & our favorite type (Hint: Thai!)

-          How travel slows down life & why being alone with your thoughts might be beneficial for you (or not)

-          How to rid your life of excess garbage & the surprising mental result of minimizing

-          How to set up your life to be organized & stress free

-          Have people around you who support you & your goals

-          How allowing yourself to be open around and vulnerable with other people will reduce stress

-          Why anti-anxiety medication can actually worsen your anxiety

-          How confronting your biggest fear can be the catalyst to stress and anxiety release

-          Tim’s 3 top, easy to implement tips for relaxation you can’t miss!

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