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This is a special edition of The Cassie Sobelton Show - a full hour with myself & 6 fabulously fierce wellness warriors from Detroit, Michigan.  Get ready for an estrogen infused podcast, full of powerful women centered in holistic health!  

In this week's episode, we have (pictured left to right) Renee Heigel, Angie Niedzinski, Cassie Sobelton, Natalia Petraszczuk, Amber Poupore, Preya Shah and Julie Kwon Evans.

This show is unlike any others, as we dive deep into holistic health from various perspective, feminine issues & holistic parenting.



The ladies and I go deep in many health and wellness subject matters, but specifically:
-          Different diets (vegan/vegetarian/paleo/raw)
-          CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), animal sharing at farms & how to find raw milk (legally) & why you’d want to
-          Gluten free diets & the unhealthy pitfalls to avoid
-          Eliminating allergy symptoms
-          Home birth & why you might want to save your placenta
-          Meditation & how to get kids started on the path
-          Vaccines for children & the safety ways to administer
-          Heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.) & detoxifying for them with certain foods (cilantro, various grasses, algae), chelation                      therapy & exercise/movement
-          Treating depression with physical activity to increase endorphins & reduce drug therapy
-          HGH (Human Growth Hormones) & how to naturally increase with exercise
-          Diva / Lunette Cups & the safest tampons (organic) to purchas

Tune in to hear all this great holistic health information from all these knowledgeable ladies. 


Renee Heigel has been helping people live holistic, connected since she started consulting in 2010. Her philosophy is focused on Loving Yourself Naked, which means loving yourself at your most vulnerable, your most raw - to look in the mirror and like what you see, to heal your sugar addiction, to indulge in real, clean food, and to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

Renee offers a variety of online programs to inspire, motivate and drastically transform your life! From her FREE Bare Naked Boot Camp to tips for Winning the Sugar Addiction, Renee's classes and knowledge are powerful tools to take charge of your life.


Preya Shah is a craniosacral therapist, physical therapist and author of Evolution of a Party Girl, scheduled to release this year! 

Preya is a big believer in holistic healing, well-versed in craniosacral treatments and body rhythms. Craniosacral practice utilizes therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium, spine and pelvis. This manipulation regulates flow of cerebrospinal fluid and aids in primary respiration.

When Preya was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she chose to turn her health struggles into an extraordinary learning experience. Today, she is a survivor full of inspiration stories and advice for others! 


Natalia Petraszczuk is a certified life coach, published journalist and the founder of VizBe, a digital platform created to help people organize and visualize their goals and dreams by creating vision boards. 

Natalia and I discuss the power of visualization and manifesting your goals to become reality. Shifting the way you think about your career, money, relationships, and even travel and fitness goals can often be difficult at first as most of your thoughts and preconceptions develop during childhood.


Amber Poupore's name is synonymous with healthy food in the southeast Michigan!  Amber has been focused on making health in the food industry a priority! Amber is the owner of Cacao Tree Cafe and Clean Plate, vegetarian and gluten-free restaurants located in Michigan, as well as master mind behind the new Greenspace Cafe vegan restaurant menu in Ferndale, Michigan.

Amber's knowledge of food being used as medicine is vast.  She not only feeds the public the best food ever, but she educates the public and health care professionals alike on using food to heal, all while tantalizing the taste buds!


Julie Kwon Evans is not your typical PHD candidate! Julie's passion and focus is on Health Psychology, which is a very unique and interesting topic to me.  If you think about achieving health, we all know what we "should" do.  We all know we should eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and have healthy relationships in our life.  But, why don't we always do the right thing?  Enter Health Psychology Expert, Julie Kwon Evans.


Angie Niedzinski could possibly be the most entertaining woman I know!  However, don't let this funny exterior fool you, she is a POWERHOUSE of a woman!  In her spare time, she manages her husband, Dr. Chris Niedzinski's InnerLink Chiropractic office, while being a patient liaison to his clients, teaches at LifeTime Fitness, acts as a cross-fit coach and swim instructor, but this all comes after her full time of job of raising 3 beautiful children in a natural and holistic household.  Angie is a master of essential oils, natural foods and living, oh and did I mention she gave birth in her kitchen?  Yep, she's one bad ass wellness mama!