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My 30-Day Yoga Challenge is here!

Want to join my 30-Day Yoga Challenge?  It's super easy! Just text YOGA to 66866 or enter online here.

The best part of this journey is that we're doing it together! I hope you'll share your experience on FacebookTwitter or Instagram

Here's the scoop:

Each day you'll receive a short email with the Yoga Pose of the Day! It will include a video and talk about the various health benefits of that day's pose. 

Snap a photo of you in the pose and post to your Instagram or Twitter account using the hashtag #CassieYoga30. Each time you post, you'll be entered for an additional chance to win some of our amazing prizes! 

What prizes, you ask? We've partnered with some of my favorite companies that also promote mind, body, spirit balance. Prizes include: