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The Health Benefits of Kale You Cannot Live Without

All aboard the kale bandwagon! The popularity of kale has been gaining steam for the past few years, but far before the fad (and hopefully long after a new food trend springs up), there are plenty of reasons you should be consuming this incredible superfood. 

      1.            Kale can make you smarter. With all of the manganese (a dietary mineral like calcium or iron) in these leaves, kale helps your brain function to its fullest potential. There are also specific amino acids in kale that help your brain give you the energy boost you need.

      2.            Kale is heart healthy.  Kale not only protects your brain, but it protects your heart from heart disease. It contains antioxidants that help your body fight free radicals and helps keep your cholesterol levels in order.  It also helps regulate blood pressure.

      3.            Kale is a good cleanse.  Kale is used in many detox programs in order to keep your liver clean and healthy.

Still not sold? This superfood is low in calories and carbohydrates and is essentially fat free; plus, it provides you with plenty of iron, potassium, vitamin A, K and C.  Not to mention, eating kale has been linked to lowering your risk for cancer as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight.  

It's easy to grow or buy it at your local market.  Throw it in your smoothie, add it to your salad, saute some, sub it for cabbage and make kale slaw.  The opportunities and benefits are limitless.