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Eat this, not that!

For those of you who wanted more information about products featured on my latest TV segment, this is the blog post for you! Here are just a few of my favorite products to switch out in your diet that are healthier and full of essential nutrients and vitamins. Want more information like this? Sign up for my e-newsletter!

KIND Snacks: swap out your preservative-filled granola bars for this all-natural option. 
Rallis Olive Oil: ice-pressed olive oil that maintains all of the nutrient-rich elements that are often stripped out of other brands.
Hope Hummus: use hummus in place of other condiments like mayo or mustard. This hummus is 100% preservative-free! 
Honest Fizz Soda: ditch your diet sodas and replace with Honest Fizz to get your bubbly fix. Zero calories and uses natural sweeteners. Yum! You can find Honest Fizz at your local Whole Foods. 
Virgil Root Beer: another natural, zero-calorie choice and so delicious! 
Ezekiel Bread: sprouted grain bread is amazing for you, and a better choice than even whole wheat! Helps with digestion and is a great protein addition for your diet.