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The benefits of drinking lemon water

Did you know one simple switch in your morning routine can do wonders for your health? You’ll cleanse your whole body and feel so much better throughout your day just by starting your morning with lemon water.

Switching your first morning drink to water instead of coffee or tea can benefit your body in a number of ways besides preventing dehydration. As we sleep, our body detoxes. Replenishing your body with water helps wash out the toxins that your body wants to get rid of while you are sleeping. Moreover, adding lemon with take hydration and detoxification to the next level with its own benefits. In addition to the benefits of drinking water in the morning, adding lemon to your water will:

  • assist with detoxification

  • add fiber and pectin, which help your digestive system

  • boost your metabolism

  • benefit the enzymes in your body

To ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from your lemon water, it is important to keep in mind the temperature of your water and when you drink it. Your lemon water will benefit you the most if it is warm instead of ice cold, which shocks the body. Your body can assimilate to warmer water better, therefore making it easier to take advantage of the benefits of the lemon water, such as assisting your enzymes. Your body will also benefit the most from your lemon water if you wait at least 20 minutes to drink your coffee or tea.  Drinking coffee or tea too soon after your first glass of lemon water will stop the body’s intake of your daily vitamins. It will also allow the body to take in the toxins that it detoxed while you were sleeping instead of removing them.

There are several ways to make your daily lemon water. You can squeeze half a lemon in your glass, add a few drops of lemon juice from a bottle, or purchase a lemon or citrus oil blend from your local grocery store. Making lemon water takes no effort at all and your body will thank you!