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From Thailand to the Big Apple

I'm barely back from Asia and en route to New York City. Once again, the opportunity presented itself to travel, this time to enjoy a little holiday weekend in the Big Apple.

Thailand for a few weeks in late November / early December seemed absolutely ridiculous at first. Not only "should" I have been preparing for the holidays, but it was my busiest work season of the year. When the invite was presented I took a minute to ask my inner spirit "Can I make this happen?" and the immediate response I heard was "You NEED to make this happen." So I trusted my instinct, booked it & never looked back.

The thing is, I know myself. And one thing I know is how much retreating is necessary for me to stay sane, to stay balanced. And I NEEDED a retreat. Ever since I launched the book in mid-September, it was go-go-go & my spirit was due for a good feeding.

So, I hopped a plane to travel the world & it turned out to be the best decision I've made in a long time. That trip was exactly what I needed to get back to balance. I forgot what it was like to unplug for that amount of time, to reconnect to my inner spirit, and connect with nature and animals on such level that can only be done on retreat.

I've been home all of a week & this opportunity to go to NYC with my family fell in my lap. Once again, I heard the Universe loud & clear. It was time to reconnect with them. Life has a way of separating us from our loved ones & it was time for me to focus on the important relationships in my life. So I booked the flight late last night & am on the plane now. I am excited to spend some quality time with them, especially so close to Christmas.

I write this as a reminder for you to watch for the signs you are being given. Let life unfold in unexpected ways & give yourself permission to experience all the gifts that spirit is begging to bestow upon you.  Sometimes we are the only ones standing in our own way.